The Laurel Base

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The Laurel Base
The Laurel Base

Do you ever bring an image into Photoshop and feel a little down because the image looks dull and you just don't know where to start? That's why I love starting off with a base action. It'll transform your image from dull to gorgeous in seconds! A base action helps jump start the editing process and gives a beautiful and continuous style to your client's gallery. I personally use this action for many of my images and it is perfect for Spring and Summer tones! 

Includes: 1 Base Action "The Laurel Base"

This action will brighten and color correct your images while adding a subtle and versatile artistic flare. 

The example image shown was created using only the laurel base. No other lighting or coloring adjustments were made.



This action was made for Photoshop CC and it is best to start with an unedited image or an image edited subtly in Adobe Camera Raw. You can use it on an already edited image, but you will probably need to just reduce the opacity. 

If your image has harsh summer greens that are very saturated and yellowish. I suggest tweaking the greens in Adobe Camera Raw first. In ACR, decrease the saturation of the green and yellow and play around with the hues.

Example Photo Recipe:

-Play the action and keep opacity at 100%.

-Duplicate the action (Control/Command + j) and decrease opacity to 50%, then invert the layer mask (Control/Command + i) and paint on the subjects with a white brush. Adjust the opacity to your liking. 

Every image is different so play around and have fun!

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